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Safe Escape always takes the most immediate, humane and effective approach to the removal of wildlife and pests from homes, cottages, and property. Our process is safe and effective for our clients, and children and their pets.  After relocation, we then repair the damage done by that animal, pest or wildlife and work with the home-owner, property-owner, or tenant to ensure we keep pests and wildlife out and from damaging your property in the future. We can teach you what YOU can do to further keep animals and wildlife from returning to your property.

"No-Spray" rodent and pest removal * Proper Equipment (Kevlar bite gloves, humane traps, of all sizes and types, grab poles, nets of all sizes, bait boxes, aggressive dog handling equipment, and so so much more) *Experience with animals and all wildlife, as well as dogs of all breeds and temperaments * Understanding dog, animal, and wildlife behaviors in general * Careful Transportation and Relocation of Wildlife * Knowledge that the wildlife or animal removed is SAFE and not being put down or mistreated for convenience * Trained Animal Control Technician offering complete removal, relocation, prevention, disinfection, and repair work, with follow-up


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