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Consulting is a service we offer here at Know Buddies Designs but through the lens of strategy.
We have a two-day (times do vary) strategy workshop that focuses on telling our clients story, identifying their audience, their competition, brand establishment, along with some various little tips and tricks for business development such as network development and utilization. We also do social media consulting for small business working with them to build an agenda and content list for their needs.

Our main service revolves around logo and brand development, or brand identity design. We take the time to understand our clients wants and needs as well as have a conversation about how to integrate those into the market to have the highest rate of success. We develop unique logos that help our clients stand out as well as develop the production art for all their deliverables. Everything from merchandise and apparel to signage or packaging and letterhead. This can also include messaging or copy writing but are priced separately depending on client’s budget and preference.

Web design is offered at Know Buddies Designs as well. We do offer basic search engine optimization in house, but additional plugins and performance enhancement can be added at a cost as we do have backend/coders in our network. Our focus for web design is primarily user experience based.

Off the menu services. We do offer some other services that aren’t in the limelight or as heavily advertised here. Illustration work this is primarily around cover art, we also do layout for books formatting them for print and e-copy.  We also build memorial sites allowing our clients to digitally keep their loved ones alive allowing the world to share their stories of the positive impact they had on their lives.



24 Spencer Street,

Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0


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