Tennant House

581 King St. W , Brockville, Ontario, K6V 5W2

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A& women's residential addictions treatment centre for recovery/rehabilitation from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs in a therapeutic environment
* A bio-psycho-social approach to recovery is used
* attendance at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is used as a support system and is a compulsory part of the program
* understands the barriers/blocks to recovery which affect women
* the program is designed to help clients understand the nature and destructive impact of their substance abuse on their lives and help them to develop new and more productive lifestyles
* residents participating in the program benefit from individually designed recovery programs, group counselling, individual counselling and life/social skills development in a structured setting * in addition to the scheduled program, there is 24 hour access to support
* the overall goal for residents is to make an immediate break in the consumption of alcohol/drugs and to establish the knowledge and skills to keep this freedom for the remainder of their lives



581 King St. W ,

Brockville, Ontario K6V 5W2